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Spurling is back, Gross sent down

Well, we now know how the Brewers were going to address Spurling's return to the major league club:

The Brewers' pitching staff grew to 13 strong on Saturday, when reliever Chris Spurling was reinstated from the bereavement list and little-used outfielder Gabe Gross was optioned to Triple-A Nashville.

The team opted for an extra arm because Ben Sheets is on the disabled list with a finger injury and the team is in the middle of a stretch of 18 games in 17 days, including a doubleheader in St. Louis next weekend.

It is interesting, though, to consider the choices they could have made, the most obvious one being to send Parra back down.  (Parra has pitched all of 1 1/3 innings, though he did so perfectly.)  Also, it's interesting that Gwynn did not get sent down this time, as when give a choice between Gwynn and Gross in June, it was Gwynn who was sent packing.  (Of course, if Hall is coming off the DL this week as expected, I bet Gwynn will also be on his way.)  Ball-four is out of options, and it's unlikely he'd make it through waivers.