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A few notes

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Couple of tidbits worth passing along from today's notes column in the Journal-Sentinal:

  • Bill Hall is starting a rehab assignment today and should be back by Wednesday.  That's stunningly un-Sheets-like; actually, can anyone remember the last time a Brewers player made it back from injury earlier than originally projected?  I can't.

  • Melvin is about to have a roster management problem: Manny Parra looks to be the starter for one of the games in Saturday's doubleheader.  He's not bumping anybody from the rotation; we've got a game every day plus that DH, so we need a 6th starter.  So he's not going anywhere, but Hall is coming back.  The obvious solution would be to bump one of the relievers--Balfour or Spurling.  But neither would make it through waivers, so it would mean giving them up.  

    Less obvious: send Gwynn down on Wednesday to make room for Hall, then send Parra down after his start to make room for...Rottino?  Nix?  Then when Gross is eligible to come back, call him up in Rottino's/Nix's place.  That's the only way I can figure out to get something like the original roster back in place without making up an injury or leaving us with only four outfielders.  (Then again, maybe Graffy is an outfielder now, and it doesn't matter.)  And of course, there could be a trade or two between now and Saturday, as the trade deadline is next Tuesday.

Finally, with the lead back at a semi-comfortable 3.5 games, it's once again fun to look at the postseason odds report, which has us back at a 78% chance of making the playoffs.