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Game Thread #101: Billy's Back

Aside from the periodically missing Ben Sheets, the stretch-run Brewers are starting to take shape.  Hall is back, Gwynn goes down, Linebrink is on his way, and one of the Spurling/Balfour (Balling?) twins is probably headed out.  We'll take a closer look at the Linebrink deal in the next couple of days, but for this season it definitely makes the team better.

Most conveniently, we get Hall back in time for the last couple of games with the Reds, which probably makes Cinci fans squirm.  We can only hope that his Reds-killing prowess is ready to be deployed immediately.  The next couple of games would be mighty nice to win, especially if the Cubs would do us a favor and lose one here or there.

Go Brewers!