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Want to Build an Unstoppable Bullpen?

I would say acquiring Scott Linebrink is a nice step in that direction.

But now it turns out that Damaso Marte is also available.  Marte, you may know, is a lefty, and he's good.  He's been well above average his entire career, and is having a great season so far this year.  His splits are ri-freaking-diculous: in 50+ PAs against lefties this year, he's allowed a .085/.189/.085 line.  He's credible against righties as well.

Dave Littlefield has been known to put a high price on his middle relievers; then again, he's been known to like fringey power outfielders.  Maybe Gabe Gross and a C+ prospect for Marte?  I think I'd do that deal.  Imagine the resulting pen:

  • Cordero
  • Turnbow
  • Linebrink
  • Marte
  • Wise
  • Shouse
  • Villanueva
Wow.  At that point, I'm not sure I want our starters going more than five and a third.