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Game Thread #104/105: What's the MLE for Perfection?

Somebody pointed out the other day how odd it is that Will Inman was traded but Manny Parra, apparently, was untouchable.  Not that Inman is so unbelievably great, or that Parra isn't, it's just odd how much their respective stocks seem to have risen and fallen in the last few months.  

I would've been very surprised in March if you had told me Parra would be starting a major league game in July--more so if you had told me he'd be the second starter called up after Gallardo.  What's next--Mike Jones in the rotation?  Mark Rogers in the bullpen?  (Uh, no.  Probably not.)

Anyway, Game 1 today is a matchup between Parra, in his first big league start, and Brad Thompson, one of LaRussa's legions of converted relievers.  The Game 2 matchup is the resurgent Chris Capuano against the 0-10 Anthony Reyes.  A sweep is always too much to ask for, but...can I ask for it anyway?

Go Brewers!