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Game Thread 83: Let's Try Again

OK, that was fun.  The original Game Thread has been saved (I think), but let's try another one.


This afternoon at 3:05 CT, it's Chris Capuano vs. Shane Youman.  Youman is young, he's promising, and given the Pirates track record, he's going to be visiting Dr. James Andrews in early August.  (Ok, maybe that's in bad taste -- I don't wish it on him, but Pitt's track record isn't all that good.)  It's Zach Duke's spot in the rotation, but Duke is injured.  I don't wish that on him either, but I certainly don't mind missing him, given some of the Duke vs. Brewers games in recent memory.

Here's hoping that yesterday night's Damian-fest, combined with some premature fireworks today, mean we can finally get the PNC monkey off of our back.  I mean, it's the Pirates, right?  

Go Brewers!