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Game Thread #85: We're Good. They're Not. So...

This ought to be the year that the Brewers stop having issues with playing in Pittsburgh.  Come on: it was ridiculous enough when both the Crew and the Pirates were bad...but now, we've got a good team, and they've got Ian Snell.  

We can only get out with a series split, but I'd sure like it if we did.  Ben Sheets is on the mound for us, taking on Tom Gorzellany.  Much to my surprise, Gorzellany is in the top 10 in NL ERA; his 112 innings to this point is pretty impressive, too.  You may recall this game on May 3rd in which he beat Dave Bush at Miller Park.  Incidentally, that was the only Pirates win of the season series before our current visit to PNC.

That all sounds pretty negative, I know, but the Brewers this year haven't been a team to be held down for long by anyone.  Now they've seen Gorzellany, and I'm ready for yet another first-inning explosion.  (But not eight scoreless innings to follow.)

Go Brewers!