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Game Thread #86: I'll Take Three, Please

Tonight's matchup at RFK is Dave Bush against Mike Bacsik.  Bacsik has been surprisingly mediocre (as opposed to hopelessly bad); depressingly, he's been better than Bush so far this year, at least measured by ERA.  

A few statistical notes on the state of the race:

  • BP's postseason odds: still hanging in there at 79%.  The Cubs are gaining some Wild Card percentage points, but oddly enough, over the last two series, the Brewers third-order winning percentage has gone up while the Cubs has gone down.

  • Similarly, the Brewers are at #7 in the BP Hit List, with the Cubs at #11 and no more Central teams until #23.  Wow.

  • Finally, here are some series probabilities, including a better than one-quarter shot at a sweep.
Go Brewers!