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Game Thread #88: Who Will Homer Twice Today?

(Preferably, whoever goes yard twice this afternoon will do so with men on base.  Please?)

The pitching matchup is Chris Capuano against Tim Redding.  Redding has only made one start this year, which is something of a surprise.  Check out this article I wrote in the offseason, and you'll see how the Nats rotation was projected to shake out back in December.  Since then, Jim Bowden has found a staggering number of mediocre starters to put in front of Redding...but apparently not enough.

The only thing nicer than going into the ASB with a win would be coupling that with a Cubs loss.  The matchup at PNC this afternoon doesn't bode well for that outcome: it's Carlos Zambrano and Shane Youman.  

Go Brewers!