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Game Thread #108: My Kingdom For a Streak

The surprisingly effective Oliver Perez takes on the surprisingly still in a major league rotation Claudio Vargas.  Perez has the much better chance of imploding and giving up eight runs; on the other hand, Vargas has the much greater chance of giving up 11 baserunners and 4 runs in five and a third.

(How's that for optimism?  I love me my Claudio Vargas, folks.)

I wouldn't be surprised if we see Elmer Dessens at some point in the game; after all, we used everybody else (except for Parra) last night.  He pitched well in his rehab, but I'm not expecting domination any more than I'm expecting pinch-hit heroics from Joe Dillon.  (Then again, I sure wouldn't mind.)

Go Brewers!