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Game Thread 117: What's a Half Game II?

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Well, now that that nasty little losing streak is over, now would be a great time to start a winning streak. If we can't run away with the division, the least we can do is not let the Cubs be in first by themselves.  Sure, we've shared the lead, but they haven't kicked us to second place.  Let's keep it that way!

6:05 CT Game time
J. Suppan (8-9; 4.84) vs. W. Rodríguez (7-10; 4.50)

In addition to having one of the league's best home ERAs, Wandy also has an advice forum and a drink named after him.  Meanwhile, Jeff Suppan has a road ERA of, well, 5.80.  Still, his brother Jerry has a fantastic Web site, especially if you like Japanese synthesizer.

Finally, if you're like me, you probably miss Jeff Sackmann's reading list.  Well, fret no more: we have the reading list of your favorite Brewers front office personnel and others.  Want to see what that freakin' geek Doug Melvin is reading?  Well, now's your chance.