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Benefits of underdrafting

Today is the deadline for teams to sign their 2007 amateur draft picks.  There are still tons of first rounders (including several near the top, such as David Price) who haven't signed, and the rumor of big bucks to 27th pick Rick Porcello will make it that much tougher for teams to come to terms with their guys at the top of the list.

I don't know how valuable it is in the long run, but simply from a psychological perspective, I'm glad we signed a guy who had little leverage, low expectations of being drafted as high as #7, and was eager to get going.  While guys like Price or Porcello probably won't pitch until 2008, LaPorta has seen two leagues already, and may get some at-bats in a winter league somewhere.

Most of all, I'm just thrilled that BCB hasn't had to turn into a Scott Boras watch.  I admire Boras, but I'd rather he help get our first rounder signed than make that harder to accomplish.