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Game Thread #Whatever: Whatever

Lately, much of my thinking about the Brewers has been phrased (in my head, anyway) like this:

If these guys can't do [fill in the blank, like beat Joel Pineiro], then it's really hopeless.

That's all silly, of course ... there are still 40 games left in the season, and it's hardly like we're in a division with the Yankees and the Red Sox.  We're getting Sheets back soon and some of the breaks are bound to start going in our favor again.'s the Reds now.  The Reds!  Yes yes, Harang and Arroyo, blah blah blah, but the Reds have a third-order winning percentage of about -.300.  That's almost as bad as the Pirates!  And we're playing them at home!

Can we have a win please?  Patience is a virtue and all that...but come on!

Go Brewers!