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08/01/2007 vs. New York Mets

While John is taking care of business, I'm going to offer the poor man's WPA graph, courtesy of FanGraphs.  FanGraphs doesn't calculate WPA exactly the same way John does -- the main difference is that John gives credit for fielding plays, and it's somewhat subjective, since he actually watches the games.  FanGraphs generates WPA from a program, so I think the only fielding WPA comes from errors.

Click on the link above for more details, like individual player WPA and the play-by-play game log.

I'd just like to say, one more time and on the front page this time: Manny Parra is awesome.  6.1 innings of RELIEF, giving up only one run, and striking out eight.  You can't send that guy down.  (Even though you may have to.)

In fact, I'll bet that's a pretty rare performance.  TheJay, you don't have anything planned for this afternoon, right?  I'd be curious to know how many times in the recent past quality starts have been logged in relief.  Or better yet (and I'll bet this is tougher to track down), what's the highest game score for a relief appearance?  (In the modern era, anyway.  The all-time record must be Ernie Shore, who pitched a perfect game in relief of Babe Ruth, who got tossed after giving up a four-pitch walk to the first batter he faced.)