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Game Thread #109: No Wimpy Day Game Lineup

Thanks to facing a couple of lefties the last two days, Ned is playing his usual lineup this afternoon.  Graffy at second, Estrada behind the plate, Jenkins in left, and nothing else of note.  I'm sure he was tempted to plug Dillon in there somewhere, but perhaps Joltin' Joe will continue batting 1.000 in a very important pinch-hit spot today.

Capuano goes for us, which doesn't quite strike the same amount of fear in Brewers fans that it did a few weeks ago.  For the Mets it's Brian Lawrence, who hasn't pitched in the big leagues since 2005.  I seem to recall we handled Jason Simontacchi well, so maybe Doug Melvin has exploited a new inefficiency: hitters who can crush guys who haven't pitched in the majors for two years.  

Go Brewers!