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Game Thread 127: Fear This!

The way it usually works, when you get into a team's bullpen, it gets easier to hit --- that's usually the soft underbelly of any team pitching staff.  As the Brewers go for a sweep of Arizona tonight, here are a few reasons why the Diamondbacks might be a little reluctant to go up against the Cream City Crushers' relief force:

  • Brian Shouse's 2.61 ERA makes him tough on the field, but I wouldn't want to tangle with him off of it either.  His home state, Illinois, is fourth in the U.S. in robbery in 2004.  His home town, Effingham, sure suggests that its residents don't take crap from anyone.
  • California has the tenth highest crime rate in the U.S. in 2004.  That's the home state of Manny Parra and noted gangsta Matt Wise --- in fact, it's common for the Brewers to draft goons from California (like Geoff Jenkins, though if you're left-handed, I'd say you don't have to worry about getting hit by Geoff Jenkins).
  • Scott Linebrink, Derrick Turnbow, and everyone's favorite Klingon Seth McClung all hail from the South.  So?  Well, according to the Journal of Applied Psychology, Southern pitchers are 40% more likely to hit a batter than non-Southerners.
  • Did you know that eight percent of all cocaine in the U.S. comes through the Dominican Republic?  Next time you're at a party with Francisco Cordero or Carlos Villanueva, best to head home before the DEA busts down the door.
I think it's safe to say that the D-Backs don't want any part of a rumble with us.

Southerner Jeff Suppan takes on Brandon Webb tonight at 8:30 Central.  Webb hasn't given up a run in 42 innings, but that streak is ending tonight, or somebody is getting hurt.