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Questions for the day

  1. What's a reasonable expectation for the weekend series with San Francisco?
  2. Should Rickie Weeks be playing every day?
  3. Should Corey Hart go back to playing every day when he's "healthy," or does Gabe Gross deserve all this playing time?
  4. If the season ended today (which would suck), would Prince win the MVP?  What if we won the division?  Should he win the MVP?
  5. When we don't have the off-days to play with, who should go back in the rotation if Sheets isn't ready?  Cappy?  Manny Parra?  Villanueva?
  6. Similarly, what should the plan be for Villanueva?
  7. Seth McClung is awesome, right?
  8. Ryan Braun is 0 for his last three games.  Ok, so he's human.  I'm not going to read much into three f'ing games.  But, assuming he's not actually better than Albert Pujols, what do you expect from him for the rest of the season?
  9. The defense blows.  But unfortunately many of those sucky defenders (see #8, above) hit pretty well.  What should we do to patch the defense as best we can?
  10. What could happen over the rest of the season to get Ned Yost fired?  Should he be?