BCB site stuff

I hate offdays, especially offdays when we're in second place.  (Though not for long, ahem.)

So I thought it might be a good idea to talk about the Web site: likes, dislikes, tips, questions, etc.  I know for a fact that Jeff is just sitting around looking for things to do (and books to read), so I'm sure he'd be thrilled to see what BCB users have to say.

Here are a few to kick things off:

  • Want to go to the home page quickly from elsewhere on the site?  Sure, you could go to the "Home" link in the upper right, but unless you're careful, you might just click on "Diaries".  Instead, why not click on the beer mug-n-bats image in the upper left?  That image is one giant link to the home page.
  • Want to see what other post-ers have to say?  Instead of scrolling down through lengthy diaries, why not click on the "Search" link?  Not only does it list the most recent posts, it will show you how many have new comments.
  • Beneath the diaries, you can set how many diaries you'd like to see listed.  Good for when Cubs fans are feeling expressive.
  • Although I'd still like to see a Magic Number counter, it'd be cool to have an html address icon when you open the site (instead of, say, the Internet Explorer icon).  The evil BCB has one...(nudge nudge).  Also, why does the copyright ready 2005? at the bottom?
  • Sooo, what's on YOUR mind?