Perfect Movie Script

Before you read my post, have this song in your head.  Don't worry about the video, just the song.

I realize I've done the optimistic approach in a recent diary of mine before, so I decided to do it again, in the hopes of describing what this season is, a perfect movie script.  I'll try and provide an appropriate ending.

We started the season as a sleeper candidate to win the lowly NL central.  Nobody truly involved the Brewers in any serious playoff conversation.

Then the season began.  We started on a rampage going 24-10.  The city of Milwaukee started buzzing about this team in the hopes that they may actually be playoff bound.  Miller Park started selling out games that didn't offer free 50 cent bobble heads of some average players of the 1980's.  Charlie Moore is agreeing with me after I typed that.  Milwaukee was ready to finally cheer a winning team again.  Then the wheels suddenly came off.  Fights occurred between managers and players. Players began to break down.  The bullpen began to tire and the once reliable starting pitching quickly began to fade.

Once a team that boasted the best record in baseball, was in a free fall into oblivion.  Fans still came to the games, but only because they already bought their tickets two months earlier.  They came, they tailgated, they left on a somber note, as the St Louis Cardinals walked away with a series sweep.  Fans became so discouraged that the focus began shifting from baseball to football, albeit a couple months later than usual.

Then on August 28th on a very hot and muggy night in Chicago, the team began to click.  They started playing baseball like they had when the season began.  They turned double plays effortlessly.  Ryan Braun would field a ground ball and whip it over to Prince without any hesitation.  The team began to hit in clutch situation.  

Geoff Jenkins, one of the team leaders, slapped players hands and gave giddied yells as he rose to greet players who had just scored a run. Of course, he provided much more to the team on the bench than swinging at pitches that bounced over home plate.  The grizzled veteran embodied and embraced the role of expensive bench manager, and did it for the good of the team without a complaint.  

This young and experienced team rode into September ready to grasp the bull by the horns.  Baseball became fun again and the brewers rode their momentum straight into the playoffs.  The playoffs will be something to behold, but I'm not going to give away the ending to this perfect movie script. Here will be the movie's opening lines from the trailer.

"In a world where baseball revolves around money, talent, and New York City, a group of young, immature, and semi-unknown ballplayers will forge a bond that will test them through daunting and immeasurable odds."

Tonight will be the night where the climax of the movie will take place.  The first half of the season will be montaged to this song, while the month of September and the great plays will be montaged to this song.

Anyways, that's all I have to say.  God I hope the climax to my great vision of this movie is tonight.