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Game Thread #133: Get Yer Polls Here!

Well, if polling data are to be believed, this is only the biggest game of the year.  A full 49% of Brew Crew Ball readers believe that we need a win today if we're to have a shot at winning the division, while only 19% believe we can win the war if we lose today's battle.  No pressure or anything.

Manny Parra shoots from the mound today, up against Ted Lilly.  C'mon, his name is Lilly.  How tough can he be?  Game is at 7:05 Brewers time.

Meanwhile, this should be required pre-game viewing for Brewer fans and players alike.  Go Brewers!

(Note to Jacob: Marty actually wrote this up.)
(Note to Marty: If he asks, tell Jacob that you wrote this up.)