Game Notes, 8/29

Hey, great game last night. It's the same game they've been playing all season, putting up six runs, extra base hits, a baserunning gaffe, followed by excellent baserunning. The thing missing from all those other games was the weird inning where the anti-midas gets matchup after matchup wrong and the other team posts 6 or 7 runs in the blink of an eye.

A very welcomed absence.

Best play of the game. Weeks' slide into second in the 7th inning. It should've been an inning ending double play as DeRosa and Theriot easily had Weeks at second with time to make a play at first but Weeks' hard slide scared the cub SS so far from second he had no play at the bag or at first. Taking the hit are the kinds of intangibles that a guy like Theriot needs to have to continue to succeed in the major leagues with his very limited skill set. Win probability added, only 3.7% but without that slide the rally doesn't happen.

Clearly the Brewers found a weakness with Theriot and his softness around the cornerstone as Corey Hart later dropped him again right before possibly the worst throw to first that resulted in an out. It triple hopped and rolled to a stop in front of Derrek Lee who had to go get the ball and go back to the bag. Estrada couldn't crawl up the line fast enough to beat that out. Why is he ever hitting with a man on first when the DP is that easy?

Runner up for best play of the game. Fielder's double to open the 4th, bouncing right back after the Brewers allowed 1 in the 3rd. Nice to see the passion out there as he pumped his fist at the center ring of the chicago circus act. Clearly pay back for showing him up in the first inning. Braun got in the act himself, as his hit ultimately closed up the circus for the night.

Great win, great to have sheets back, maybe this is the start of a run where the bounces start going our way.

Let's Go Brewers!