Our Commentators that is.

They are OUR commentators, right?

1. They do nothing to make themselves sound like Brewers announcers.
If you just heard the audio you'd couldn't pick out what team there were working for. They just go along, calling the game, and sometimes, talking about the other team more than the Brewers. Someone needs to remind them, they work for FSN-WISCONSIN!

2. They don't say anything in the Crew's defense.
Just one example of this is last night, when Soriano was totally out on that throw from Gross. They didn't even get excited and say he was out. Nor that the ump was way out of position. They just agreed with the call and moved on.


3. They are idiots.
An example from last night: When Rickie tripped and fell. Rock consistently claimed Rickie slipped on the base when it was clear as daylight (on the replay) that he turned his ankle prior to getting to the base.  And not only did Rock make the wrong call, but then every play Rickie made he said "Well he did turn his ankle on 3rd base."  Which I would, in turn, yell at the TV, "We know his ankle is hurt. Shut the f*ck up!"

I watch WGN sometimes (when the Cubs are the only BB I can get on TV) and as much as I don't like their announcers, at least they support their team and speak from their fans point of view.  Not our guys, they're as plain Jane as they come. The best game they announced this year was when Ted Simmons was in the booth. At least he made comments from the fans point of view.

I'm so sick of these idiotic-bland-f*cks. Can we PLEASE, PLEASE, get 2 guys that ACTUALLY SUPPORT OUR TEAM????

<<rant over.>>