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Game Thread #111: Cubs are winning. Fight!

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At the moment, Cubs are up 6-1 on the Mets.  That's not insurmountable, but it looks as if at some point in the next couple of hours, the lead will shrink back to half a game.

(By the way, I'm already getting tired of pretending like the season hinges on every last game.  Sure, the teams are nearly tied, but there are still FIFTY games to play.  Sheesh.)

Tonight it's Dave Bush vs. Cole Hamels, which doesn't exactly make me want to rush out and put money down on the Crew.  I'm going to do everyone a favor and NOT look up the details of the last time Hamels pitched against us.  I would prefer that all the readers here stay healthy and suicide-free.  Then again, that outing was in Philly, and we all know how bizarrely better the Brewers play at home.  And hey, maybe good Bush will show up today, in which case Hamels can be pretty good and still lose, like Kendrick last night.

Anyway, early-ish game, 6:05 CT, and I expect to see you all here.  You know, if you're not going to the game, and you don't have any thing else to do on a beautiful summer Saturday night.  I don't :).

Go Brewers!

Update [2007-8-4 18:45:37 by Jeff]: Battlekow points out that Dessens is DFA'd to make room for Linebrink. I'd say that's an upgrade. He'll almost certainly pass through waivers, unless Melvin really wants to trade him and agrees to eat some salary. If I understand the rules correctly, if he passes through waivers, he can accept a minor league assignment or become a free agent, at which point we're on the hook for his entire contract, except for the pro-rated portion of the MLB minimum, if another team picks him up. All that probably doesn't matter: unless scurvy spreads through the Brewers clubhouse, odds are we wouldn't be seeing him again before September 1st anyway.

Update [2007-8-4 18:47:10 by battlekow]: Oranges for everyone!