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Questions for the day

Should Manny Parra join the rotation?  If so, who should he replace?

Is something wrong with Coco Cordero?  How long do we wait before moving someone else (Turnbow, Linebrink?) into the closer's job?

What's a reasonable expectation for this road trip, with three at Colorado and three at Houston?  The Brewers may be bad on the road, but the Astros are bad everywhere.

How much will losing Alfonso Soriano hurt the Cubs?

Is Ryan Braun really this good?  If he had enough PAs, he'd be leading the league in batting average, slugging percentage, and OPS.  Plus, with his next stolen base he'll be alone in second place among Brewers.

What should we do about Matt Wise?  

If a reliever gets hurt (or Wise has to be sent down), who should be the next guy to join the bullpen?

If the season ended today, is Prince Fielder the NL MVP?

With the tight race in the West and the retooled Braves ready to compete in the East, does the loser in the Central have a shot to grab the Wild Card?