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Game Thread #113: I Have a Plan

Judging from everyone's comments, we can look forward to a 2-4 road trip; 3-3 if things go well.  That isn't recent pessimism speaking (at least not from me), that's just how this club plays on the road.

So, here's the deal.  The Rockies are a decent club this year, but they're not THAT good.  The first two pitchers we're facing are Josh Fogg (tonight) and Jason Hirsh (tomorrow).  Both are at least as uninspiring as the guys (Vargas and Capuano) we're countering with.  And Wednesday, the Rox are offering their ace (best pitcher so far, anyway) in Jeff Francis, who we'll oppose with Yovani Gallardo.

It's far-fetched, I know, but what about a sweep?  Then we can go into Houston, and anything we get there is gravy.  Not only that, but the Rockies will be so ticked about being swept at home that they'll take out their rage on the Cubs.  Good plan, right?

That's what I thought.

Go Brewers!