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Carlos Quentin and Cubs Odds

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The two things in the headline have nothing to do with each other.  It's just that neither of them merit their own post.

First, the recent Cubs slide has made it a little more likely that the Wild Card is not coming out of the central.  No shock there.  That means that my favorite toy, the Postseason Odds Report, has pushed  the Cubs odds back down under 50%.  The Brewers are still hanging in there at 61%.  What's been sad lately is how the third-order winning percentages have sagged as well; Cubs and Brewers are both under .520, while both were around .530 not long ago, and both have seen the bright side of .550 at some point this year.

Second, the D-Backs signed Eric Byrnes to a three-year extension.  That basically locks in their outfield as Byrnes, Chris Young, and Justin Upton through 2010.  With first base occupied by Conor Jackson, that makes Carlos Quentin expendable.  Quentin struggled in the bigs this year, and has had some injury problems, but he's a quality player.  He's no Quad-A guy -- he's shown the talent at the big-league level.  And look at these minor league OBPs.   Wow.

The price may be high, but I'd love for Doug Melvin to get into those trade discussions this offseason.  If it's decided that Bill Hall is going to stick in center, that leaves left field as the obvious gap next year.  I'd much rather find someone like Quentin than sign some middle-tier free agent to a $24MM/3 year deal.