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Branyan Back in Business

Have I mentioned lately that I like the Indians?  If not, well...I do.  Well-run team; makes some risky moves but they generally pan out.  I'd be thrilled if the Brewers in two or three years look like the Indians of right now.

It's really just a minor league filler move, but the Indians picked up Russell Branyan, who the Padres let go last month.  Branyan will probably continue to get contracts for as long as he's willing to play at Triple-A; he's probably past the point where he's going to contribute much to a major league club, though.

Update [2007-8-7 16:20:38 by Jeff]: More transactions fun: Royce Clayton has been released. However you feel about Counsellino--even back when they were unspeakably awful for a couple of months--we should be grateful that we have far better options than Royce.