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Parra to DL; Aquino up

As Bigdogg2002 pointed out, Manny Parra is headed to the DL, with Greg Aquino getting the corresponding promotion, though not, as Joe DiGiovanni seems to think, to replace Parra in the rotation; that job will fall to Carlos Villanueva, who is due to be recalled today/tomorrow (the 1st) when the rosters expand.  Also due up:

The Brewers expect to recall utility player Vinny Rottino...from Nashville, purchase the contracts of RHP Chris Spurling and LHP Mitch Stetter from Nashville, purchase the contract of OF Mel Stocker from Double-A Huntsville and transfer 3B Corey Koskie to the 60-day disabled list as part of their September callups
Mel Stocker? We should have just brought in Izzy Alcantara.