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End O' Season Prediction Contest and Giveaway!

Remember how much fun we had back in the beginning of the season when I had a bunch of copies of the Harvey's Wallbanger's DVD to give away?  Since I'm not very creative, let's see if we can do it all again.

I'm not sure how this compares to Harvey's DVDs, but I have a bunch of recent baseball books I've gotten from publishers, including:

  • Brushing Back Jim Crow, by Bruce Adelson
  • In the Best Interests of Baseball, by Andrew Zimbalist
  • Little League, Big Dreams, by Charles Euchner
  • Behind the Scenes Baseball, by Doug Decatur
  • Baseball Between the Numbers, by the Authors of Baseball Prospectus
  • Watching Baseball Smarter, by Zach Hample
There might be another book or two, but let's say those are the prizes.

Here's how it's going to work.  You can enter once, and you do so by posting a comment in this thread predicting the following:

  • 1. By how many games will the Brewers win or lose the division?  "+1" means win by one, "-3" means lose by three.
  • 2. What will Ryan Braun's HR total be for the season? (He's currently at 30. Presumably he'll return to the lineup soon.)
  • 3. What will Johnny Estrada's GIDP total be?  (Currently, it's 17.)
  • 4. How many total appearances will Brian Shouse make?  (Currently, he's at 69, lower than I would've thought.)
  • 5. (Tiebreaker only) What will the Brewers run differential be on the season?  It's currently at +4

Since there's a game tonight, you must enter before game time.  It may be helpful to remember that there are 14 games remaining, though if there is a tiebreaker, that will count as part of regular season stats.  

Scores will be tabulated the same way they were for the Harvey's giveaway: we add up how wrong you are for each one (for instance, if Ryan Braun hits 114 HRs and you said 112, your score for that category is 2), and the lowest score wins.  I won't count the run differential answer unless I need to break a tie.

Since the prizes aren't exactly equal, I'll give the #1 finisher (lowest score) first choice, #2 finisher second choice, and so on.

It'll be a long offseason...time to lay in some winter reading!