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Cecil Fielder is a Douche

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Whatever else happens this last week of the season, it's great fun to watch Prince Fielder chase a succession of home run milestones.  Remember that power peaks late: you aren't supposed to hit 50 dingers at his age.

This J-S article chronicles Fielder's record-breaking home run binge, and includes this tidbit I hadn't heard about:

Fielder was not happy about comments his father made in a magazine article earlier in the year, claiming his son never would have been a first-round draft pick if he hadn't paved the way. The two haven't spoken for years and that rift apparently has widened.

For those of you who don't know, the problems are originally due to Cecil's gambling problem, which squandered much of Prince's signing bonus.  And I guess if Cecil is the sort of guy to say sh*t like this, there may well be more to the story.

Naturally, Prince has his eyes on #52, since Cecil hit 51 in a season:

Speaking of dads, Fielder normally shies away from talk about the well-documented estrangement with his father, former big-league slugger Cecil Fielder. But he made it clear that one of his primary goals is to escape from the shadow of his father for good.

Fielder said he had no intention of keeping the 50th home run ball, but was hoping for No. 52.

"My dad had 51 (as a season high)," Fielder said. "Then, he can't say anything."

At the rate Prince is going, he'll hit #52 in the 6th or 7th inning tonight.