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Game Thread #159: 82, please

There's painful, and then there's excruciating.  

Painful is losing the division, which I would imagine most of us have accepted at some point in the last couple of weeks.  (That isn't to say we won't still pull it out--just that there have been some bleak moments lately.)

Excruciating is losing another shot at #82.  Yes, it's only one game.  But I would really like the Brewers to get this monkey off of their back.  I'd feel the same way if we were eliminated from the race--82 is important.  It doesn't mean Ned ought to keep his job forever, or that the season is a success.  But at least it would be something.

Speaking of once-missed milestones, Yovani Gallardo tries again for win #10.  Against the Petco-less Pads, I think he's got a good shot.  San Diego counters with Jack "White" Cassel, a 27 year old making his fourth career start.

Prince, meet Jack.  Jack, meet ...whoa, there goes another one!

Go Brewers!