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Game Thread #160: Cap Trick

Okay, y'all know the story.  We're on the ropes.  A Cubs win or a Brewers loss tonight, and the best we can do is tie.  A Cubs win AND a Brewers loss tonight and we could be seeing Vinny Rottino in the starting lineup tomorrow.

We will have Seth McClung at our disposal, for whatever that's worth: his suspension was revoked.  I'd love to have seen that appeal hearing.  "I suck, and LaRussa's the a-hole here!" couched in appropriate legal language.

The lineup is pretty solid; Hart is in center with Gross in right.  The big question mark is Chris Capuano; he's not as bad as his streak would suggest, but I'd still rather have Greg Maddux on my team than have to face him.

I've been saying it all year, but this time I really mean it:

Go Brewers!