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Prediction Contest Winners!

After all the distress of getting eliminated a few days ago, these last two games have put me in a surprisingly good mood.  Now, we just need to win another 162 or so in a row.

37 of you entered the September prediction contest.  I threw out the Johnny Estrada GIDP category because of the confusion surrounding his starting GIDP total.  That left us with Ryan Braun's home run total, Brian Shouse's appearance total, the number of games back (or ahead) the Crew finished and, as a tiebreaker (which was necessary to determine the last spot!), the Brewers run differential.

Congrats to our winner, talkinbaseball.  He was off by a total of only two: one low on Braun's HRs, and one high on Shouse's appearances.  (Everybody was high on Shouse's appearances--must be the King/Stetter effect.)

There are a total of seven winners, and the next six, in order, were:

  • storminTAZZ
  • Bigdogg2002
  • somethingvague2
  • tkdragons
  • antbogey
  • KegelExercise
Those of you who won, I'll be working through the list letting you know which books are available so you can take your pick.  (I'll need your mailing address, too!)

So, thanks to everybody for participating!

Also, I've got more great stuff to give away.  Any ideas for an offseason prediction contest?