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Coin toss!

If you're like me and just read about Bobby Cox's endorsement of Ned Yost as Manager of the Year, you probably need to read something else fast, before you get violently ill.

How about a Brewer-related coin toss?  And you get to participate!

Tomorrow afternoon, the Milwaukee Brewers will participate in coin flips with the St. Louis Cardinals and Chicago Cubs to determine home field for potential one-game playoffs in the event of a tie for the Central Division title. The Brewers will have the option of making the "heads-or-tails" call in the coin toss with St. Louis.

Brewers Assistant General Manager Gord Ash will make the official call for Milwaukee via a conference call with league and team officials. And while it will be Ash making the call, the people's choice will rule.

To vote, click here, and vote in the lower left corner.  I'm voting tails, but heads has a pretty big lead.

Update [2007-9-8 9:3:17 by roguejim]: And the winner is...(see inside)