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"I want to play for Milwaukee!"

Don't hear that too often, eh?  Yet, Luis Gonzalez wants  to play for your 2008 Cream City Crushers, so sayeth the JS Blogs.

"Luis thinks he'd be a perfect fit in Milwaukee," said agent Terry Bross. "He knows they're looking for a left-handed bat in left field and could benefit from his veteran experience as well."


Playing in 139 games for the Dodgers last season, Gonzalez batted .278 with 15 homers and 68 RBI. Bross pointed to the fact that Gonzalez has a 1-1 ratio of walks and strikeouts (1,114 walks, 1,175 strikeouts) and a career .369 on-base percentage.

Gonzalez made $7.35 million with Los Angeles last year but Bross said his client isn't looking to break the bank in '08. He could probably be had with an incentive-laden that would reward him for having a good year.

He's also one of the most well-respected and well-liked players out there.  His stats are here.    He's not a long-term option (he's 40), but it's nice that although he hits lefties better, he's a reasonable option against RHP as well.  That's one less thing for Ned to screw up.