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Game Thread #163: Brewers (0-0) at Phillies (0-0)

Okay, I'm reasonably convinced by now that this is indeed actually happening. The Brewers are in the playoffs and will, sometime around 2 PM CT this afternoon, actually take part in their first postseason game since 1759.
There's very little new to add to what's already been said, so let me link you instead:

  • Check out the NLDS rosters for the Brewers and Phillies, the latter including a certain left-handed outfielder you may be familiar with. Six non-roster players will also be on the bench for the Brewers, with four more in attendance but not in uniform. Quick, spot the prominent name whose whereabouts remain unmentioned.
  • The Frosty Mug collected a lot of predictions, including Jeff's, contrary as usual.
  • Dixie breaks down Phils Game 1 starter Cole Hamels. Takeaway fact that you might not have known: Hamels, unlike most lefties, uses his changeup well against same-handed hitters, so don't be surprised when he makes Prince look silly on one.
  • Read Jeff's three-part interview with the Phillies blogosphere, and the Good Phight's own interview with him.
  • A couple more things of absolutely no predictive value: Recall what happened the last time the Phillies came into the playoffs as a white-hot team that had caught and passed the Mets at the very end of the season? Also, don't forget that the Brewers have math on their side: they won the last October game they played.
  1. Your starting lineup:Mike Cameron CF
  2. Bill Hall 3B
  3. Ryan Braun LF
  4. Prince Fielder 1B
  5. J.J. Hardy SS
  6. Corey Hart RF
  7. Rickie Weeks 2B
  8. Jason Kendall C
  9. Yovani Gallardo RHP

The Phillies lineup hasn't been revealed yet because they're still evaluating Pat Burrell's status after he left BP yesterday with a stiff back. Burrell missing even one game would be huge, to say the least.
Remember: there's many Dane Cooks, but there's only one October. Go Brewers!


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