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Tuesday's Frosty Mug

Even if the Brewers lost 162 games next year, even if I lost everything and my fiancee left me and Gorman peed in my bed everyday, I would still take pride in not being a competitive eater.

In Arizona: Taylor Green went 1-for-2 with a double and a walk, Lorenzo Cain went 1-for-3 with a stolen base and scored a run in his AFL debut, and David Welch pitched a scoreless inning with 2 K's as the Javelinas fell to Phoenix, 3-2. Box Score The Javelinas have lost 3 straight, but are still tied for the lead in the AFL National Division.

In Mexico: No Brewers played yesterday, and the Algodoneros were no-hit by Guasave, 2-0. Coincidence? Perhaps not. Box Score

Also, Battlekow has a roundup of Brewers stats from the first two weeks of winter league action.

The Javelinas host Phoenix today at 2:35 Central time, West Oahu hosts Honolulu at 8, and Guasave travels to Hermosillo at 8:30.

Meanwhile back at the ranch, Doug Melvin has flown to Arizona to meet with Dale Sveum to discuss removing one of two tags from his title: either the "interim" one or the "manager" one. Chuckie Hacks wondered aloud if managers matter. He also notes that Bobby Valentine might be interested in the Brewers' job.

If you surf the web, the Brewers have your email address or an employee of the organization knows where you hid the spare key for your house, you've probably seen the open letter Mark A. sent out to fans. Nothing earth-shattering here, but it's a slow news day. Even the West Oahu CaneFires had the day off.

Maybe CC Sabathia won't be the highest-paid free agent this offseason after all. Rowland's Office says Mark Teixiera is seeking 10 years and $200 million. They call him "Poor man's A-Rod." Apparently making $52 million less than A-Rod makes you poor.

Albert Pujols had elbow surgery yesterday, but not the Tommy John surgery he reportedly needed. The words used here included "decompression" and "transposition," but not "reconstruction" or "removal." No word on whether or not they brought in Carlos Villanueva to "wake the sleeping giant" when it was over.

On the coaching carousel: Former Brewer Kevin Seitzer is the new hitting coach in Kansas City. Click the link for a story about how he helped legendary Brewer underachiever Dave Krynzel with his swing without even watching. The Royals also hired former Blue Jays manager John Gibbons to be their bench coach.

Say what you will about the MLB playoff system, but at least it's not confusing. I'm pretty sure no one would have a clue what's going on if MLB adopted the Japanese model.

It's quickly becoming the job no one wants: Red Sox Assistant GM Jed Hoyer is the fifth candidate to remove himself from consideration for the Mariners' GM position.

What do Hack Wilson, Hal Chase, Red Faber and Enrique Cruz all have in common? They were all Rule 5 Draft Picks. The first three turned out ok.

Oh, and you don't wear the pantyhose, the pantyhose wears you.

Drink up.