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Game Thread #164: Brewers (0-1) at Phillies (1-0)

Today's game is the equivalent of a 1-1 pitch, a real tipping point. Lose and the Brewers' backs are against the wall, needing to win out to advance. Win and they're looking at only needing to win two of three with two home games coming up.
Did I mention who's starting?

The lineup:

  1. CF Mike Cameron
  2. 2B Ray Durham
  3. LF Ryan Braun
  4. 1B Prince Fielder
  5. SS JJ Hardy
  6. RF Corey Hart
  7. 3B Craig Counsell
  8. C Jason Kendall
  9. P CC Sabathia

The Phillies will counter with Brett Myers, who's been a little inconsistent this year.Perhaps now, with his team ahead in the series, Myers can take a deep breath and channel his inner-Dr. Jekyll?His wife sure hopes so.
Go Brewers!