Sports Illustrated Magazine Mentions BCB


I still get a Sports Illustrated subscription, and even though most of the articles are just full of cliche and little analysis, there's occasionally some interesting stuff. The column that replaced Reilly on the back page is now a rotating group of writers that write "The Point After". I was pretty surprised to read this week's edition, dated October 6th, 2008: "Cubs fans, who, let's face it, have a right to be edgy about these things, were equally irked when they saw their third baseman, Aramis Ramirez, gracing the cover of SPORTS ILLUSTRATED last week, bringing the supposed SI jinx into play. MDBNIU wrote on, "Thanks jackass New York--based editorial board of Sports Illustrated." Sorry about that, MDBNIU. How about we send you a fleece and call it even?" "...But most fan rituals are about bringing good karma rather than warding off bad. "I made a pumpkin pie from scratch yesterday ... and the Brewers won," KLSnow blogged on "I'm going to need a lot more pumpkins." Nice to see the site get a mention in a national magazine, and I like how it portrays the Cubs fans as asshats and us as the nice, American guys. Congrats, KL. Nice conspiracy theory, guy who comes here and taunts us when the Cubs win.