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Monday's Frosty Mug

For once, right on time! Here are some things to read when you're done reading the paper.

So the Brewers managerial search has given me plenty to write about today. Who will be The King of Town in 2009?

  • Tom H. lists seven candidates with big league experience and gives the edge to Bob Brenly.
  • Drew Olson of thinks Brenly would be a good fit. (h/t BBTF)
  • Ken Macha has already been in for an interview, and has a history with Doug Melvin.
  • In-Between Hops has some insight on Macha that might remind you of another former skipper.
  • Two-Fisted Slopper isn't very excited about any of the candidates.
  • Al has a list of questions he'd like to hear the next manager answer. I'm interested in all of them, too.

Dale Sveum was understandably disappointed by the decision to go another direction. Buried in this story was the news that Ed Sedar, Bill Castro and Mike Maddux will be back. The inability to start from scratch with a new staff might scare some managerial candidates away. But, then again, there aren't many vacancies this offseason.

CORRECTION: The story linked above doesn't actually say Sedar, Castro and Mike Maddux will be back. This post from View From Bernie's Chalet does. Does he have info we don't? Did he just misread something? Unsure.

Now is as good a time as any for a Sabathia Smorgasbord: Doug Melvin has confirmed he plans to make an offer to retain Sabathia for 2009. In other news, the sun will rise on Tuesday at about the projected time. Meanwhile, Buster Olney (via MLB Trade Rumors) thinks the Yankees offer to Sabathia may be "30 to 40 percent" larger than any other offer. Even if they don't retain Sabathia, Dan Rosenheck of the NY Times (free subscription required) says making the trade for Sabathia was the right move, and notes the value in moving from just outside to just inside the playoffs. (h/t BBTF)

No news on the Mariners GM search. It's possible they could announce a GM as early as the middle of this week but, like the Brewers, they'll likely hold off on any announcement until after the World Series, as MLB encourages them to do. In the meantime, Chuckie Hacks asks who is more valuable, Doug Melvin or Jack Zduriencik?

Also, that's the first time I ever correctly spelled Zduriencik without having to look it up. If he leaves now I'll have learned it for nothing.

A quick glance at what's on the hot stove:

  • Gaslamp Ball says Jake Peavy could be a Dodger or a Brave by next week. Isn't there some kind of rule on when he can be traded? I'm assuming, at the very least, no announcement would be made until after the World Series.
  • Ken Rosenthal thinks an offer of Rickie Weeks and J.J. Hardy would draw the Padres attention.
  • He probably wouldn't be a fit for the Brewers, but Jeremy Hermida is reportedly available and drawing some interest.
  • Someone who might be a fit, though: Angels SS/3B Brandon Wood, considered a top prospect for a while now but blocked at both positions.

At least now I know someone else is as superstitious as I can be: Daisuke Matsuzaka was sitting on the couch in the Red Sox clubhouse when they started scoring in game 5, and not only did he spend the rest of the game there, he made Manny Delcarmen sit with him. You can't argue with what works.

But in the end, neither of them could compare with the power of Nasty Boy Brian Knobbs and his Rayhawk getting kicked out of Fenway Park. I had wondered what Brian Knobbs was doing for the last decade or so. Apparently he's rooting for the Rays and eating everything in sight.

Oh, and add porno to the list of words you can't say during a baseball broadcast. You can still advertise Viagra, though.

Drink up.