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Tuesday's Frosty Mug

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Here are some things to read before rushing out to get John Hodgman's new book. If you rush out fast enough, perhaps you'll see me there.

Tom H. says the Brewers likely will not announce their new manager until after the World Series. View From Bernie's Chalet hopes it's Ken Macha and not Bob Brenly. MetsBlog notes that Willie Randolph is also a candidate and if the Brewers hire him, it will save the Mets $2.25 million he is owed if he doesn't manage in 2009.

Yesterday I noted that the Brewers hope to have Mike Maddux back as pitching coach in 2009. It appears they're not the only team interested in his services. The Dallas Morning News is reporting Maddux could be a candidate for Texas' pitching coach vacancy.

Welcome back to the debate on the value of Rickie Weeks. Beyond the Box Score lists Weeks as 2008's 14th best second baseman, and actually credits him with saving 4 runs in the field. Ray Durham was 20th, creating 22 extra runs with the bat and costing his teams 9 in the field. If Weeks really is +4 runs in the field, then he's better defensively than all of the following:
  • Dan Uggla
  • Ian Kinsler
  • Mark DeRosa
  • Akinori Iwamura
  • Kelly Johnson
  • Joe Inglett
  • Kaz Matsui
  • Howie Kendrick
  • Ray Durham
  • Orlando Hudson
  • Asdrubal Cabrera
  • Aaron Miles
  • Jamey Carroll
  • Jeff Kent
  • Alexei Ramirez
  • Mark Grudzielanek
MLB Trade Rumors reports that Mike Cameron could be a Type B free agent if the Brewers decline his option for next season. I still expect him back.

This has already been Rec'd a whole bunch of times so most of you have probably seen it, but if you haven't yet check out TheJay's calendar of important offseason dates, which answers at least 12-15 of the questions I've posed in this blog over the last couple of weeks.

Today's Sabathia Smorgasbord is more of a light breakfast. CC was a nominee, but did not win the MLBPA's National League Ooutstanding Pitcher award, which instead went to Tim Lincecum.

If this isn't resolved soon, I'm going to need a witty alliteration for Jake Peavy, as well: Bernie Miklasz says the Cardinals are out of the running for Peavy. It is about the money, stupid says the Astros are out as well. Texas seems like a long shot to land him, but Lone Star Ball has compiled some reasons why they should try.

Elsewhere on the hot stove, the Dodgers have declined Angel Berroa's 2009 option, making him a free agent. The Cardinals have also declined the option on Mark Mulder, who has thrown just 12.2 innings over the last two seasons.

So I'm becoming a fall/winter league nerd, I'll admit it. Yesterday I traded a few emails with an ESPN employee with his finger on the pulse of the minor leagues, and he had this to say:
A lot of our "insiders" here highly value the AFL and Winter Leagues because they see them as "AAAA" leagues. AFL because it's basically like a bunch of Minor league all star games, and Dominican because it's a lot of guys with major league experience or equivalent.
I think that accurately sums up why we should be paying more attention to these games. If you're interested in the personal side of it, check out Indians minor leaguer Randy Newsom's blog from Venezuela.

That's all I've got for you today, unless you need a laser level?

Drink up.