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Wednesday's Frosty Mug

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Some things to read while looking for the perfect Scrabble word.

There's not exactly a litany of fresh stuff out there, but there is some more stuff about the managerial search: Tom H. says Willie Randolph interviewed yesterday and Buck Showalter is not a candidate. In-Between Hops has some tidbits and facts about Bob Brenly. Chuckie Hacks is still rooting for Ken Macha. There's an off-day during the World Series Friday, so it's possible the Brewers could request permission to announce a winner then.

In Seattle, some were predicting the Mariners would announce their new GM yesterday, but it didn't happen. There's also a rumor floating around that the Mariners will wait until after the World Series and interview retiring Phillies GM Pat Gillick. John Hickey of the Seattle Post-Intelligencer squashed that one. U.S.S. Mariner likes all the options and just hopes the new GM will be allowed to clean house. Again, since an announcement wasn't made yesterday, Friday is the first day it could happen.

Mike Cameron leads the field of potential free agent center fielders. Brewed Sports is calling Cameron the free agent signing of the year. Certainly he was a better investment than one of those squirting flowers.

Remember the walk-off grand slam Ryan Braun hit against the Pirates this season? Want to re-live it over and over? Here's the iPhone commercial featuring it.

The World Series starts tonight, as you might have heard. I won't burn too much space here analyzing it, as I'm sure you've heard about it already. I will, though, point you to the only World Series preview I read, over at WhatIfSports.

Also worth noting: During the draft in Moneyball, Billy Beane is excited, to put it mildly, to see Scott Kazmir and Cole Hamels go off the board so he can draft Nick Swisher. Swisher is having a nice MLB career, to be sure, but Kazmir and Hamels will start game 1 of the World Series tonight.

Of course, on the bad decision scale Billy Beane is still light years behind Jim Bowden, who was diagnosed with skin cancer in June but waited to undergo treatment until this week, since he didn't want to miss a week of his job as GM of the National League's worst team. Here's hoping he doesn't end up regretting that one.

Here's a guy who will get a minor league deal somewhere and make it worth someone's time: the Rockies have released 2B Jayson Nix.

The youth movement continues in Cincinnati, as the Reds have extended offers for 2009 to David Weathers (38) and Jerry Hairston (32).

It's a study in contrast: Joe Posnanski shows how being willing to work harder than anyone else can pay off, and Home Run Derby shows that no matter how determined you are, if you can't run down stairs or climb a wall, you likely won't have much success as a streaker at Fenway Park.

Oh, and today is a Woot-off. I guess I know what I'm doing today (cleaning out my garage to make a home for more cheap electronics).

Drink up.