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Friday's Frosty Mug

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Some things to read while waiting for your Game Boy shirt to get here.

I haven't seen it confirmed anywhere else, but Goat Riders of the Apocalypse is reporting the Brewers have offered their managerial job to Bob Brenly.

If Brenly is the guy then this point is somewhat moot, but On the Mets Beat predicts a real rivalry could erupt between the Brewers and Mets if the Brewers hire Willie Randolph. That rivalry sounds even more dangerous when you discover the Mets just hired a guy named Razor Shines to coach third base.

As noted in the Fanshots, the first Brewer 2009 Projections are up over at Baseball Think Factory. The Brewers would have a player projected to be very good or excellent at every position if only Angel Salome was allowed to catch everyday in 2009 and Ryan Braun could play third base and left at the same time.

Between the Green Pillars takes a look at roster composition and payroll structure and wonders if the Brewers can really afford what it will take to sign CC Sabathia.

While you're waiting to find out, though, here are templates for Brewer Jack-O-Lanterns (h/t Al). I may carve the accursed retro logo, just because it's scary.

Two notes regarding the Jake Peavy sweepstakes: Keith Law (via Talking Chop) says the Padres asked the Braves for their top pitching prospect, an established middle infielder and another top-five prospect, and that price is way out of line with what other teams have gotten recently for similar pitchers. Perhaps as a result, Braves GM Frank Wren is lowering expectations that his team will get Peavy.

Are you sick of sitting through playoff off days? Then you'll be happy to discover MLB is trying to shorten the playoffs by two or three days next season by eliminating them (the off days, not the playoffs).

If they playoffs were shorter this year, you'd have more time to make plans to attend the World Baseball Classic in Toronto next spring.

Oh, and between $1 (or less) beers, tarp slides and no one going home, Venezuelan rain delays sound like a great drunken party.

Drink up.