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Monday's Frosty Mug

Some things to read while enjoying pumpkin yogurt.

Still no official news on the managerial front, but as noted in the Fanshots, Tom H. seems to think Ken Macha is the frontrunner. Chuckie Hacks still prefers Bob Brenly, and has the following to say about Macha:
Plus, as mentioned in this post, those A's managers just sit in the dugout and press whatever button the sabermetrics say works the best. Not a lot of real managing come out of the Athletics dugout.
If Macha promises to be exactly what he's accused of being here, a manager who works based on statistical evidence, then I'm ready to wholeheartedly endorse him. I can do without "real managing." View From the Bleachers wants to keep Brenly bad enough to consider naming him the heir apparent when Lou Pinella retires.

Also, remember a month or so ago when I asked if Jack Z. might be a better fit to serve as GM of the Brewers than Doug Melvin? Nevermind. It's looking increasingly likely that Jack Z. will hire Ned Yost to manage the Mariners. He says he's looking for winners. I'm less disappointed about him leaving now.

It's been several days since we heard the Brewers were planning on making an offer to CC Sabathia, now we have the first rumor of specifics: The Atlanta Journal Constitution is reporting the offer is expected to be 4 years, $100 million, and that Sabathia is more likely to stay a Brewer if Mike Cameron is also brought back. That would leave the Brewers on the hook for $95 million next season before free agency even begins.

There's still not much word on the market for Ben Sheets. Crawfish Boxes has decided the Astros need another pitcher, but doesn't want that pitcher to be Sheets. If the Brewers are going to keep Cameron and make a legit run at signing Sabathia, there's almost certainly not room for Sheets in Milwaukee. So where will he go?

Maybe having money available for free agents is overrated after all. The Rockies, for example, are using their spare pennies to attempt to re-sign Glendon Rusch.

Also likely available as a free agent: Ray Durham. MLB Trade Rumors says the Brewers will not be eligible for compensation picks if/when Durham signs with another team.

This one is making my head hurt: Jeremy Jeffress, easily the Brewers' top pitching prospect, left a game in the AFL last week complaining of shoulder discomfort. He was pitching a day ahead of schedule so he'd be available to pitch a fall league all-star game. He was diagnosed with shoulder fatigue, even though he never actually saw a doctor, and now, as noted in this FanShot, it's being reported he could return to action in the AFL. Are they trying to kill this guy? I love fall baseball as much as (actually, probably more than) the next guy, but seriously, there is nothing in the AFL worth risking the health of a stud prospect over. Shut him down.

Here are some notes from the hot stove today: Here's something to spark another debate on the merits of bringing Mike Cameron back: Kerry Whisnant says players with high strikeout rates are, on average, more productive. I tend to think the argument should be flipped, that more productive players are more likely to get away with having a high strikeout rate, but I suppose a case can be made for both sides.

This dugout will look awfully familiar: the coaching staff of the 2009 Washington Nationals will feature both Marquis Grissom and Pat Listach.

Oh, and the folks over at Fire Joe Morgan may be getting their wish.

Drink up.