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Tuesday's Frosty Mug

Some things to read while thinking of new excuses not to ride your bike.

It's a pretty slow Tuesday, but here's what I've got:

The Seattle Post Intelligencer is reporting that if Ken Macha doesn't receive the Brewers' job, he may be a candidate in Seattle. The post makes it sound like Macha's already got the job locked up in Milwaukee, though.

In the midst of the rumor that the Brewers will offer $100 million to CC Sabathia, today we actually have a Sabathia Smorgasbord again. Between the Green Pillars cites market size and TV contracts while making the argument that signing Sabathia for that much money is dangerous. The Junkball Blues has a two part series (Part 1, Part 2) attempting to figure out what Sabathia is actually worth.

Via tangotiger, here are the first 2009 defensive projections. Since it's a slow news day, I'll go ahead and save you the time and list the Brewers I'm guessing you care about:

Prince Fielder: -8 runs at 1B
Rickie Weeks: -9 runs at 2B
J.J. Hardy: +1 run at SS
Bill Hall: -3 runs at 2B, -1 run at 3B
Craig Counsell: +10 runs at 2B, +6 runs at 3B, +9 runs at SS
Ryan Braun: +2 runs as a corner OF, -7 in CF
Mike Cameron: +9 runs as a corner OF, +3 in CF
Corey Hart: +2 runs as a corner OF, -9 in CF

I wasn't able to find any projections for catchers. Feel free to follow the link above and look up more for yourself.

Even if Jake Peavy doesn't pitch for the Brewers next season, he could still pitch in the NL Central. Peavy is reportedly willing to approve a trade to the Cubs.

This is how slow of a news day we're in: Former Brewer Luis Vizcaino was arrested for DUI and it made the Mug.

Oh, and this recipe for pasta with spinach and blue cheese is ridiculously easy and better than I expected.

Drink up.