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Fantasy Baseball Bleg

I want to hear your fantasy baseball stories.  At least if they're funny.

I'm not quite ready to say why, but I'm working on something fantasy-baseball related, and I want to know about all sorts of ridiculous things that happen to people who play fantasy sports.

I'm more interested in human-interest stuff than league details -- that is, I know we've all won a league because we traded Horacio Ramirez for Manny Ramirez or everybody else drafted seven closers in a league that didn't count saves. 

But...has your obsession with fantasy sports crept into "real life?"  Affected your relationship/marriage/friendships/whatever?  Led you to lie to you wife so you could drive across town to participate in a draft?   (Oh, that was "Knocked Up.")

I think you get the idea.  I want details, people!