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Game Thread #165: Phillies (2-0) vs. Brewers (0-2)

The must-winniest game in the last quarter-century of Brewers baseball starts at 5:37 CT. Not 5:36, not 5:38, 5:37.

That reminds me: The most annoying thing about my two days at Citizen's Bank Park was that, before each game, the PA guy told everybody to stand up and wave their rally towels because TBS was going on the air. I understand it's all about TV revenues, but...dude, I'm at a baseball game. My goal is not to displaying my municipal pride (even if I were a Philadelphian) by showing that I'm the media's bitch.

But I digress.

The pitching matchup is a pretty darn good one for Game 3 between two teams not exactly heralded for rotation depth. Dave Bush has a 3.50 ERA in 16 home starts, along with a 3.91 mark in the second half. Jamie Moyer is having the best year of his career since 2003, and--unfortunately for the Crew--has nearly even platoon splits.

The lineups are pretty standard; of course Corey's in there despite my prayers to the contrary. (A buddy of mine texted earlier that Hart is going to go deep tonight. Some of us are more optimistic than others...)

I really mean it this time: GO BREWERS!