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Wednesday's Frosty Mug

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Some things to read while waiting for your gummy legos to solidify.

So the Brewers are still waiting for a response from CC Sabathia regarding their contract offer. Meanwhile, Home Run Derby thinks Sabathia signing in New York would be the worst possible outcome for everyone involved.

In the meantime, the Yankees, Red Sox and Orioles have all turned their attention to A.J. Burnett.

As I mentioned yesterday, the 2009 Marcels are out. My spreadsheet is sitting in exactly the same condition it was yesterday, but Balking Traditionalism has combined the 2009 Marcels with Sean Smith's 2009 defensive projections to create a starting point for 2009 Brewer projections.

That's about all that's out there for Brewer news today, so let's move right to the hot stove:

Blue Jays: The team still appears interested in bringing back A.J. Burnett, but beyond that they may not be players in free agency.
Cubs: Signed Ryan Dempster to a 4-year deal yesterday. This may preclude them from trading for Jake Peavy. They are, however, interested in acquiring Mark Teahen from the Royals.
Marlins: Placed C Mike Rabelo on waivers to remove him from their 40-man roster.
Orioles: Are still in the hunt for Mark Teixiera.
Tigers: Have reportedly been in touch with free agent RP Joe Beimel.

Another BBWAA Award, another day of stories about how the BBWAA blew it. Chuckie Hacks noticed a 5th place vote for Jason Bartlett. Beyond the Box Score has a step-by-step plan for discrediting the BBWAA Awards.

The saga is over: The Mariners have named a new manager, and it's Don Wakamatsu.

There are some records in baseball that may never be approached again. Ripken's consecutive games played streak. DiMaggio's hitting streak. Cy Young's wins. But does 70 home runs belong on that list? Beyond the Box Score takes a look at what it would take and gives an edge to, of all people, Rangers prospect Chris Davis.

Depending on how you like your off-topic conclusion, I've got three options for you today: Drink up.