Will Mike Cameron Still Be a Brewer on Tuesday?

It's nice that we finally have a manager.  Now it's time to start wondering if we'll need a centerfielder.

MLBtraderumors has quoted Buster Olney (Insider) a few weeks ago regarding the timing of Mike Cameron's 2009 option:

The Brewers have five days after the World Series to tell Mike Cameron whether they're picking up the option.

The deciding Game 5 of the World Series was October 29th, which means the Brewers would have through tomorrow (Monday) to pick up his $10 million option or buy him out for $750,000.

I think part of the reason why the Brewers were quick to make CC Sabathia an offer (which they did on Friday, rumored to be $100 million over 4 years) is because of Cameron's option.  The Brewers have a window of exclusive negotiation with CC until November 13th, after which any team can sign him.  If the Brewers are giving CC $25 million next season (about 30% of their expected payroll), they probably can't afford Cameron's $10 million salary in centerfield.  (On the flip side, if the Brewers can't afford a premium starting pitcher in the FA market, we'll probably need as much Gold Glove defense as we can manage.)

I'm also guessing there won't be much negotiation with CC's agent --- it's not like the Brewers will be able to go up much from $25 million a season (unless CC wants a 5th year).  I'm assuming that we'll get some reaction to the Brewers' offer tomorrow, with a decision on Cam coming soon after.