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Broken Internet Inspired News and Notes

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Whole lotta frosty, not so much mug.

KLSnow's open thread about internet troubles getting in the way of today's Frosty Mug is below. Head over there to talk about Rickie Weeks, the AFL, puppies, the dearth of overtime rules knowledge (it's on the Espin, it's gotta be important) or whatever else is on your mind. I wouldn't want you to feel uninformed, though, so here are some quick-hit, blog-less, easily-found links from around the baseball world:

  • Phillies All-Star second baseman Chase Utley will have hip surgery sometime next week. He should be allowed to resume baseball activities in three or four months, but it might take until May for him to totally recover. From the same link, Philly third baseman Pedro Feliz will undergo back surgery but should be ready for spring training.
  • After winning 20 games in a season for the first time in his career, Mike Mussina announced his retirement. The 270-game winner is 19th all-time in strikeouts, 32nd in games started, 38th in W-L%, and has 7 Gold Gloves. You've got five years to make or break his Hall of Fame case.
  • Add another name to the list of potential starters available: Aaron Heilman. The New York Daily News reports the 30-year-old Mets righty would rather be traded than remain a reliever. Apparently at least six teams are interested in making him a starter. He's eligible for arbitration through the 2010 season.
  • The Nationals have been mentioned in Mark Teixeira rumors since the slugger filed for free agency. Despite no shortage of fans wondering why Teixeira would want to sign with the lowly Nats, the ever-present "person familiar with [player]'s thinking" says Teixeira is interested in playing for Washington.
  • Do you speak Spanish? ol Pete found an interview in Spanish with dismissed Nashville skipper Frank Kremblas. While it doesn't seem like there's much mentioned about the Brewers, a human translation couldn't hurt.
  • Unless he comes out of nowhere to pitch today in the AFL, Jeremy Jeffress successfully lasted a month on the Peoria Javelinas roster despite a shoulder injury. On one hand, he didn't pitch and make it worse. On the other hand, there's no one else the team wanted to get experience? Hopefully Jeffress picked up some useful information about pitching to top players while sidelined in Arizona.
  • Speaking of the AFL, Phillies infielder Jason Donald took home this year's Darnell Stenson Sportsmanship Award. Stenson was a Reds prospect who was killed in an apparent carjacking while a player in the 2003 AFL. Since 2004 the award is given to the player "who best exemplifies unselfishness, hard work and leadership." No Brewers have won the award, but this is the fourth season in a row it's gone to an NL prospect.
  • The Yankees are still interested in acquiring Mike Cameron. The Brewers are still waiting to hear from CC Sabathia's agents. Generalissimo Francisco Franco is still dead.
  • Finally, because I think I'm contractually obligated to mention trivia somewhere in every post, only thirteen Brewers have ever reached 502 plate appearances in a season (aka qualified for the batting title) with an OBP of .300 or lower. See if you can find the most recent example:
    Name Year PA OBP
    Tim Johnson 1973 510 .259
    Ted Simmons 1984 532 .269
    Dave May 1974 515 .273
    Rick Auerbach 1972 605 .277
    Gerald Williams 1997 601 .282
    Von Joshua 1977 566 .286
    Marquis Grissom 2000 640 .288
    Robin Yount 1976 690 .292
    B.J. Surhoff 1988 541 .292
    Pedro Garcia 1973 635 .296
    Jim Gantner 1985 573 .300
    Jose Hernandez 2001 592 .300
    Corey Hart 2008 657 .300